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Why the name Goalz™?

Learn how our belief in setting personal goalz has lead to the name, promise and growth of our company.

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Our mission, values and objectives and how these shape our ever growing goalz of the company.

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Big goalz take strong leadership. Meet the team motivating our employees and expanding our company.

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We're proud of our brands

Dog Haus

The Absolute Wurst. Dog Haus’ gourmet all beef skinless hot dogs, hand crafted sausages and premium burgers.

Church’s Chicken

For more than 60 years Church’s has always remained the same. We’re still serving the best darn chicken in the world!

Captains D’s

We’ve had over 40 years to perfect our recipe for success, which combines great food and great value with even better service.

Dairy Queen

For over 75 years and unlike any other quick-service brand, DQ food and treats hold a special place in the hearts of fans of all ages, from all around the globe.